C.O.T.C. Days #5, #6, #7

My intention was to blog everyday of my last cleanse as it happened…and then life happened and I found myself after busy days tired and snuggled into bed with my journal at night. So let’s do a re-cap of the last three days and a quick catch up. I started every day of the last part … Continue reading

C.O.T.C. Days #3 and #4

Oye, readers, day three was a doozy. People equate detoxing mostly with the body but let me tell you, your emotions can get right on board with that and purge. Big time. All those times something ticked you off and you shrugged it off or anytime you wanted to complain about something but you sucked … Continue reading

C.O.T.C. Day #2

FYI..C.O.T.C. = Cleaning Out The Closet So I have survived almost two days with NO COFFEE. For real. I decided not to have my gasoline tea (dandelion, artichoke, and cleavers) this morning and instead started my day with a liter of pure water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. If you don’t have a juicer, … Continue reading

Cleaning Out The Closet

My last post got me thinking, it’s time to do some cleaning, or rather, some cleansing. Cleaning takes care of making things look better on the outside. Cleansing is more like purging; making things look better on the outside by getting rid of the muck on the inside. Without realizing it, we can fall into … Continue reading

Welcome Back..To The Mat

My dear readers I’m afraid I’ve been…dishonest. The Healthy Herbivore is a blog dedicated to plant based nutrition, yoga, and inspiration. The three things I love, cherish, and believe in more than anything. well aside from Doug McNish and our cats However over the past 6 months or so yoga has trailed off. In it’s place I’ve been … Continue reading

‘Lyte My Fire!

Like my previous post, the title for this post comes from a classic, and favorite, song of mine 🙂  After this, no more puns. I promise! So last post we learned all about electrolytes and why they are important. Now, if you need them, where do you get them? Repeat after me: NOT FROM GATORADE! … Continue reading

Turn Up The ‘Lytes

With the recent sweltering heat, I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding hydration and electrolytes. This post is long but will tell you all you need to know! Tune in for the next post where I’ll show you how to make your own electrolyte drink and why coconut water is awesome. I’ll also be sharing … Continue reading

Real Talk: I.B.S.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This post is about my own experience with being diagnosed with the blanketed medical conundrum that is IBS.**  I.B.S. is defined by the medical dictionary as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. A common gastrointestinal disorder involving an abnormal condition of gut contractions (motility) characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, mucous in stools, … Continue reading

Things I Learned From Lenny

**Warning: This is a long post about the loss of my buddy, Leonard. Yes I am a crazy cat lady, and yes Leonard’s passing was like losing a family member. This is sad, get tissues.** After the shut down of the Toronto Human Society 2009, I stayed on as a volunteer to help care for … Continue reading

Bountiful Berries

Hello readers! Recently I was fortunate enough to be featured on the blog of Joyous Health. I decided to highlight a local delicacy, berries! You can check out all about the health benefits, and get a yummy recipe, here. Read and share, thanks!