Get To Know Me

Candice is a Human Biologist, Certified Plant Based Nutritionist, and all around science nerd. After dealing with numerous health issues, and getting no relief from traditional western medicine, Candice turned to holistic healing to help mend her body. After meeting with a holistic nutritionist it was plain to see Candice’s diet and lifestyle were the culprits. She gradually made the change to a whole foods plant based diet and eventually reversed her health issues. Always on a quest for knowledge, Candice switched gears to start learning more about Biochemistry and Physiology at school. She realized food is much more important than she had once thought. Every morsel, every molecule, effects the body in profound ways. She began heavily researching food and nutrition while studying Human Biology at University of Toronto. In addition to studying Human Biology, she also earned her certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. Her goal is to help others on their way to a healthy and positive lifestyle.



8 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

  1. Love this site! Love the recipes! If I wanted to email you something personal or an idea I wanted to share just with you at this time would that be possible?


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