Check Your Diet

During my commute the other day, I saw this sign on the subway:


Few thoughts crossed my mind:

a.) FINALLY a hospital is doing this landmark study on diabetes, in Toronto.

b.) I can save them the suspense – it does help.

c.) Changing what you eat can affect a LOT of things – I feel like this is still news to people.

Recently I attended a friend’s wedding. At my table, I knew no one but they sat us with a Naturopath (who I of course made friends with) During our discussion, we talked about how much diet can change your life. I mean really. We had both experienced this amazing change with others, and I’ve experienced it myself.

Often people come to me with different ailments: headaches, insomnia, poor digestion, anxiety, etc, etc, etc. When I first ask them about their diet, I can see this look on their face: “Really?” Really. Every molecule of food you put, or don’t put, into your body has profound effects. Most people are quick to take a pill to help them (sleep, eat, feel better) but are quick to dismiss the idea that switching from Lean Cuisine dinners to organic kale salad will make a change. As if somehow that is a radical idea and  putting synthetic chemicals in your body is better one?

How you are you feeling today? If you aren’t feeling healthy, if you aren’t feeling like a million bucks: Check Your Diet. If it’s crappy, change it. (lucky for youYour health is in your hands! 



3 thoughts on “Check Your Diet

  1. So funny! I saw that exact ad myself and thought that it was funny that they needed to do a research study to determine that what you eat affects your health. 🙂 Ha ha! Great post!

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