Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

I’d like to give a huge shout out to Toronto’s favorite *and best* pint sized food critic Ryan Storm for featuring Doug ‘s food *and myself* on his blog! Ryan, and his sibs, are awesome because you would never see them in an ad like this:



In fact, Ryan can likely tell you where all the food in his house comes from down to the farmer’s name. He truly is a positive example to his fellow tweenagers and adults alike. Thanks for being awesome Ryan; keep up the great work!

In other news, the picture above terrifies the sh*t out of me. To think that at one time someone actually put out this ad and we actually believed this. This exemplifies the whole reason I ignore food that has to be sold to me. If you have to convince me to eat it, I likely shouldn’t be eating it. Period. I will admit at one time I fell prey to healthwashing until I started to read labels. The horror! Also a good reason to try to include as much food without labels in your diet as possible. 🙂

What are you eating today?


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