We Are What We Repeatedly Do, Do, Do

If you follow me on Instagram , or twitter, you likely saw this quote yesterday:

DChitwoodWeAreI came across this quote while doing my morning blog reading. *Also, in my reading, came across this gem from Yoni Freedhoff – Coca Cola has actually lost it.*  I decided to explore this simple, but profound, quote a bit more…

Sure this is true of good habits –  if you repeat them, they become ingrained in you. This is also true of BAD things. The more you repeat a bad habit the more integrated into your psyche it becomes. Yipes Time to pull out the journal and take stock. What good things do I repeatedly do? What bad things do I repeatedly do? Looking from this perspective I could see how certain repetitive behaviours REALLY turn into baaad habits. Here are my good behaviours I want to turn into good habits:

  • Positive self talk
  • Positive talk to and about others (gossiping can be a cruel cruel cycle to get caught up in!)
  • Lifting people up
  • Being present
  • Giving love
  • Keeping promises

Alright Aristotle, lets do this. So, what good habits are YOU cultivating? What BAD habits are you letting control your life? Ditch ’em!



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