What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Good day readers! I realize how long it’s been since my last post – egads! Where has life been taking me?! One fun thing I’ve been doing is helping Doug at the Brickworks Farmer’s Market (come and get some grub, every Saturday!) But still no excuse. Back to biznass.

A seemingly casual comment made by a casual friend is what sparked this blogging re-ignition. While engaged in conversation I relayed to this person that I follow a plant based diet. They looked shocked “you don’t eat meat?” nope, haven’t for nearly two years now. The response:”But you look so…healthy”. I chuckled and asked, “what I was supposed to look like?” The comment lingered with me. Healthy. What was his definition of healthy? What was mine? What is anybody’s?! I’m guessing he meant I don’t look like the sunken in skeleton and don’t have bald patches (which apparently happens when you stop consuming animal products <– insert sarcasm here)


But it goes beyond that. It got me thinking, to a time when I was struggling with anorexia. At points during that period people told me I looked “healthy” too but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was eating nothing but rice cakes and wasn’t getting my period, period. How is that healthy?! But I looked “healthy”. Often we see people who are curvy (much like how I am now) and we think they must be “unhealthy” because they are not stick thin. They don’t look “healthy”. What we don’t notice is how their skin is glowing and they are vibrant with health.  *You know your mom told you not to judge a book by it’s cover*

So it got me thinking, more. What does healthy mean to me?

It means to feel great – physically and mentally. That seems like a simple statement but hear me out. It means to wake in the morning with a clear head, eager to start the day. It means putting the best food possible in my body (even if it is organic sweet potato fries). It means to move my body a few times a week and listen to it when it wants to rest. It means (as hard as it can be at times) to love myself no matter what “shape” I am in. It means to smile no matter the circumstance (which can also be hard at times). It’s that simple. I’ve come to the conclusion then that:

Healthy doesn’t really have a “look” but it certainly has a “feeling”.

I’m curious to know readers: “what does healthy mean to YOU?”


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