Start The Revolution

Resolutions..bah humbug. I hate strongly dislike making resolutions. It’s as if on New Year’s day I’m supposed to sit down and say “ok, what’s wrong with me? and what do I need to change?” Am I that bad of a person? Do I really have so many things wrong with me?! I’m fine! And who likes self evaluation anyway??!” Then there is all that stuff about losing weight (which implies I am overweight) exercising more (which implies I am lazy) and eating better (which implies I am gluttonous) Forgettabout it.

That of course is my ego actually telling me I am perfect and I don’t need to change anything. Sorry fella, improvement team coming in. The truth is no matter who we are or where we are at in our lives, there is always room to go up, to change. I learned this from doing yoga actually. As soon as I think I have “aced” a posture, the teacher tells me how to go further. I usually grumble at first thinking “really, this isn’t good enough? C’mon I’ve worked so hard on this!” Ego again. Go further, push yourself. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you! Don’t be stagnant! Think about a swamp that doesn’t move. All that sludge and muck just sitting and rotting. Yuck. So I need to change, I get it.

Do I make a resolution to do that? I read this and it got me thinking. A resolution is a firm decision not to do something or a course of action decided on. I can decide all I want but what good will that do me? I need action. I need to BE about it, not TALK about it. So I’m not making any resolutions, I’m starting a revolution, like the Beatles.  A revolution is a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. A paradigm shift. Yeah, let’s do that. 🙂

My New Year’s Revolution will include:

Accepting the Challenge – I find sometimes I get lazy and give up. No more! Bring it on life. I’m stepping to the plate and aiming for the field lights.

Gratitude – I, like many people, get grumpy when I think about all the things I don’t have. For instance, a new fancy Vaute Couture jacket, 5 closets full of clothes, a fancy new sofa, etc etc. So how about what I DO have? A jacket, period. More clothes than I probably actually need. A home. Reality check, there are people who have less than that. Suck it up buttercup and be grateful!

Positivity – Negativity is like a black hole of grossness. It sucks you in and, worse than that, it breeds more negativity. What I can’t understand is how you get stuck in it anyway it’s not like it’s fun?! F*ck that. Who’s got the time to be in a pit of negativity with all the amazing things going on in life? Not me!

Vulnerability – If my heart is not open, then I am not open. To anything. I will trust, be open, be honest, be loving. Even if it means it will bite me in the ass later. If that happens, I will revert to the statement below.

I will accept the things I can not change and have the courage to change the things I can – Even if that means I have to change gasp myself!! (which is the hardest thing to do)

Alright 2013, let’s do this. Happy New Year!

What will your New Year’s Revolution include?


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