Your In-Between Guide

Christmas day has come and gone and admittedly, I am feeling pretty awful about all of the decadent food I ate. Yes you can eat a plant based diet and eat a bunch of crappy food over the holidays, quite easily in fact! I need to regroup and get back on track, for real. But I still have New Year’s Eve coming up and a small voice in my head says “what’s the point?! You’re gonna fall off the wagon!” As much as I hate to admit it, that voice is right. So I have to come up with a give and take, a sort of “in-between guide” to get through this week, in good health, but not too much that I feel like a failure for indulging on NYE.

Start your morning with:

1 tablespoon Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – Mix it with a bit of water and shoot it back. It will give you practice for New Year’s Eve. It will also get your digestion in motion! Which will likely be sluggish due to the aforementioned indulging. 

1 16 ounce glass of water with 1/2 fresh squeezed Lemon juice OR 1 mL Milk Thistle or Dandelion tincture – Maybe you’ve had a few glasses of wine, and some cookies, and some Daiya cheese wedges, and maybe, just maybe, your liver kind of hates you right now. So give it a boost! If you have the tinctures, great. If not lemon water is an easy sub.

Coffee – I know what you are thinking..“what the hell?” I know a lot of people who are looking to quit coffee in the New YearIf you are a coffee drinker, don’t quit know. Save that for the New Year..unless you want the headaches now. What you can do is start weaning yourself off the stuff now by brewing weaker and weaker pots. By New Year’s day, you won’t even need it. Trust me, I’ve been there. Cold tofurkey coffee quitting is not fun.

Exercise – Even if you only run a flight of stairs in your building, just do something to get movement in your body!

A nutrient dense smoothie – I’m not talking bananas and berries here, I’m talking super nutrient dense. Get some green in your smoothie in the form of kale or spirulina. Toss is some cacao or any of your favorite super foods. For tips on making it taste good, read here **yes that was a shameless plug** Chances are you haven’t been eating the most nutrient dense foods and your body will LOVE this!

Throughout the Day:

Eat as much Raw Food as you can – We all know, you’re still going to go for that cookie, or bunch of leftovers in the fridge. That’s fine. Balance it out with some decadent raw food desserts, some raw red beet ravioli, or throw in a side salad with your leftovers. The problem with eating rich, sweet, and fatty foods is our body will start to crave it and hate fruits and veggies. Slowly start to get those good for you foods back into your diet that way it’s not such a shock January 1st.

Before you go to bed:

If the holidays are leaving you stressed try some Magnesium. It not only helps to relax you, but helps you to move your bowels and move out all the junky food sitting in there. A healthy Herbivore is a happy bowel Herbivore! Everyone has a different limit, so be careful. Some people can tolerate 1,000 mg some only 100 mg. Start low and increase in 100mg doses until you notice a difference in your bowel movement. Trust me, it’s noticeable. 

New Year’s Day is 6 days away. For those of you that are starting your resolutions now, “Good for you!” and I am jealous of your will power. For those of you, like me, putting it off until the 1st, stick with the In-Between Guide and you’ll be ready to go full speed January 1st!


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