Fight Cold & Flu Season – Building Your Immune System

“Bacteria are nothing the terrain is everything” Louis Pasteur.  It’s that time of year readers, flu season. Not just flu but cough, cold, congestion, and all around sick season. Unfortunately there are many ways that pathogens (disease causing viruses, bacteria, parasites) can get into the body. Which is fine. This happens. It actually helps to strengthen our immune … Continue reading

Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!

I feel like when anyone sees the word sugar, they freak out. In most cases they should especially  when it looks like this! AHH! Honestly though, this poor molecule (technically class of molecules) gets a really bad rap. The truth is we NEED sugar. Our brain alone is a glucose hog needing 100-145g/day. I’m not … Continue reading

Check Your Diet

During my commute the other day, I saw this sign on the subway: Few thoughts crossed my mind: a.) FINALLY a hospital is doing this landmark study on diabetes, in Toronto. b.) I can save them the suspense – it does help. c.) Changing what you eat can affect a LOT of things – I feel like … Continue reading

Good Thursday Morning Everyone! I’d like to give a huge shout out to Toronto’s favorite *and best* pint sized food critic Ryan Storm for featuring Doug ‘s food *and myself* on his blog! Ryan, and his sibs, are awesome because you would never see them in an ad like this: In fact, Ryan can likely tell … Continue reading

We Are What We Repeatedly Do, Do, Do

If you follow me on Instagram , or twitter, you likely saw this quote yesterday: I came across this quote while doing my morning blog reading. *Also, in my reading, came across this gem from Yoni Freedhoff – Coca Cola has actually lost it.*  I decided to explore this simple, but profound, quote a bit more… … Continue reading

What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Good day readers! I realize how long it’s been since my last post – egads! Where has life been taking me?! One fun thing I’ve been doing is helping Doug at the Brickworks Farmer’s Market (come and get some grub, every Saturday!) But still no excuse. Back to biznass. A seemingly casual comment made by … Continue reading

Start The Revolution

Resolutions..bah humbug. I hate strongly dislike making resolutions. It’s as if on New Year’s day I’m supposed to sit down and say “ok, what’s wrong with me? and what do I need to change?” Am I that bad of a person? Do I really have so many things wrong with me?! I’m fine! And who likes … Continue reading

Your In-Between Guide

Christmas day has come and gone and admittedly, I am feeling pretty awful about all of the decadent food I ate. Yes you can eat a plant based diet and eat a bunch of crappy food over the holidays, quite easily in fact! I need to regroup and get back on track, for real. But … Continue reading

Love, Peace, and Ginger Cookies

Yes, I agree; two months IS an unacceptable amount of time in between blogs posts. So what’s new and exciting? TONS! Ok, not tons, but I have been getting into some fun, new things. Love. I found a new thing that I love. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough (like, super lucky) to be … Continue reading